Sunday, March 2, 2014


Took this precious baby to the ER tonight. 

He has been having major outbursts out of the clear, happy, blue sky. Screaming in pain. 

So. Very. Sad.

 I knew something was wrong, terribly wrong after he was inconsolable when he woke up from a late nap today.

 He was screaming like every piece of his body hurt. 

We got to the ER and they saw him right away, ears clear, no fever, blah blah.

 I'm worried his leg is hurt cuz it got stuck in his crib yesterday. But they messed w his legs and said no. 

They also took blood and all looks great there. 

They wanted to X-Ray his belly. So they did. 

Said he was constipated and gave him a suppository and he pooped.

I'm not convinced he was constipated because he has been pooping fine. 

Maybe gas, he has a major tooty booty. 

But I can't shake that "feeling". 

I know MY baby. 

I will be following up w his reg pediatrician at Kaiser on Monday. 

Tonight was scary. Not being able to console my baby was hard. 

  I just want him to feel better. 

Thank goodness for his chupie, books, his giggle toy and BabyFirstTV to help pass the 3 hours we were there. 


Meredith said...

Something similar happened to our son and we discovered he is lactose intolerant. I hope you figure out what is going on. It is so difficult not knowing. Thinking of you and little Nico.

Meg said...

Poor buddy! I hope it isn't his leg! After living that nightmare too recently, I can say you'd know right away if he refused to walk, stand, be set down, etc. Bur either way, not knowing is the worst part. I hope he feels better soon.

JoyBelle said...

Happened to one of my daughters and she was really backed up, even though pooping regularly. Suppository helped and the excruciating pain stopped. It could be a milk intolerance causing a buildup a poo, like someone above said.

Clandestine Road said...

How is he today? Poor guy. I agree with Meg. Not knowing sucks.


Craftcherry said...

Poor sweetie. Hope he's feeling better and you figure out the problem soon!

Tracy said...

Oh sweet baby! I hope that was it and he's his happy self soon!