Saturday, March 1, 2014


This frog came home with us after a trip to Target last night. 

Nico never reaches for things when we go shopping and often will play with a toy while I shop and say, "Bye bye" to it when it's time to go. 

Last night when he saw this frog it was love at first sight and there was no saying "bye bye" to his new friend. 

It was pretty funny actually. 

When I said to Paul, "I don't think Nico is going to let go of this frog when it's time to leave." 

Paul just shrugged his shoulders and said, "looks like Nico has a new frog then."

Spoiled much!? 

But. This was love. So the frog got to come home. 


When we got home his frog was accidentally left in the car and Nico went to bed. 

He was soooo excited when we got in the car to run errands and his frog was still there. 

He has been hugging and kissing it as we drive around town getting things done. 

Nico even read his frog a book. Too cute. 

And now they are napping as we continue our errands. Good thing daddy is the one running in and out of all of our stops. 

One of our many stops today was the Social Security office. Nico's NEW birth certificate, with his new name and US named as his parents arrived in the mail last month.  

So. Very. Exciting. 


Craftcherry said...

Sometimes you just know a toy is meant to be. Looks like Nico found a best buddy.
Congrats on the new birth certificate and Social Security card request! Very exciting.

The Lovely One said...

I must say that receiving the birth certificate with our names on it was the highlight of our adoption!