Friday, April 11, 2014

Mom Fail? Nope.

had my first "I'm not doing enough, what if my kid gets behind?" moment the other day.

It actually knocked the wind out of me. 

It was over a really simple small motor skill that I was surprised Nicolas couldn't figure out. 

I went to bed thinking about it and got up the next day determined to help him master the skill w an activity I made for him. 

Basically I realized the next day what a freak I was being. 

Here I am an "expert" in Early Childhood Development/Education.

I should know better. 

One if my dearest friends posts this quote on Facebook and the timing could not have been more perfect. 

I really need to relax and just enjoy EVERY little moment, it's not a race and all kids develop and grow at their own pace. 

And I really do know better. 

I just forgot for a minute. 

I'm so thankful for my "mommy tribe" who seem to know when I need to hear the exact right thing. 

Oh. And he did end up mastering the motor skill. As evidenced here. 

(But that's not really the point if this post)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sometimes, We Forget

 photo bd30f00e-29bf-4b22-91f8-9f6edb61e3fe_zps11174759.jpg

This weekend we went to a local street fair.

As we were walking, a bee landed on Nico.

We swatted it away and then I wondered aloud, "Gee, do you think he could be allergic? Has he ever been sting by a bee?"

Paul replied, "Good question. I know I'm not allergic. Are you?"

I answered, "I don't think I am, but my dad is, so Nico could be."

 *blink* *blink*

Yes, that conversation really happened.

It happens all the time.

We actually DO forget that our son is not our biological child.

The love runs deep.

I hope he inherits that trait from us

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Crew

Nicolas and I were playing this afternoon and he started lining his stuffed crew of friends up. 

He began to get frustrated when it wasn't going as he planned so he asked for my help getting them all around him. 

Nico was pretty specific about their placement. 

Then he called Coco over and this little love fest began. 

Serious cuteness, my friends, serious cuteness.

It is so much fun watching these two together. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Kiss Me!

Aunt Amy got Nico this super cute shirt to wear for St. Patrick's Day. 

I wanted him to wear a little leprechaun hat but this kid wasn't having it. 

He is slightly obsessed with this fedora, so much so that I need to buy another one...or two or three. This one is close to coming apart. 
He was NOT interested in taking pictures at first. This one is actually the first snap I took. 
He is signing the word "cookie".

That's right, I bribe my baby with cookies to get him to sit for pictures. 

Don't judge me. Please. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014


On March 15, 2013 Nicolas was placed in our home as an adoptive placement. 

We had a one week transitional period where we had long and short visits with and without his Foster family, whom he had been with since about 3 wks old. 

We fell in love with this family. They are a HUGE part of Nico's life today. They will always be part of our family. In fact we just spent the afternoon in the park with them yesterday. 


I cannot believe it has been a year since this beautiful boy joined our family. 

It feels like he has always been with us. I can hardly remember life before him. 

I wish I could find more pictures for this post. Paul reorganized stuff on the computer and u can't find the one of him and Nicolas that I love so much. It's of an early visit during his 1 week transition and it's perfect. 

So you will have to settle for this one of me and Nico. It was the first time either of us held him. It was our first meeting on March 7, 2013. 

I love this picture. I knew the minute we laid eyes on him that he was ours. My face is crazy, with JOY and his expression is one he gives me almost daily, I call it his, "uh, seriously?" face. 

He is precious. 

I love this child. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Our Little Girl

Coco is the sweetest little Chiweenie in the whole universe. 

Seriously, I doubt dogs come better than this one. 

She is our first baby, together, and we love her so much. 

I keep thanking my lucky stars that as we grow our family, and foster children, she has so beautifully accepted new kids. Her love knows no limits and she is compassionate and sweet and gives love so freely. 

I'm so grateful that she is a part of our family. What a blessing she is. 

Yep. She's adorable. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Maybe...a little

There is something about this little boy in a fedora that makes me love him just a little bit more. 

And I REALLY love him. 

So that's A LOT of love. 

And really. 

Can ya blame me?

Soak up the cuteness. 

In other news. This guy continues to make me laugh. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

His Way

This kid is a constant blur. 

He is always so busy "working". 

Moving. Stacking. Lining things in rows. 

It is a rare thing to see him sitting still. It's like he wakes up with a list if things to accomplish and is not stopping until he has checked it off his To Do list. 

Today he was ALL about balancing balls. 
I love this age. 

I also know that this is my golden opportunity. I need to pounce on this "sense of order" thing and seize the teachable moment. 

The art of "pick up and put away". 


Right now Nico loves to help pick up and put away toys. 

He thinks it's a game. 

All those months of organizing his toys for him are paying off. He KNOWS where things go and he is actually putting them in their place. 

Yep, this is big stuff for my little guy. 

I'm one proud mama.

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Took this precious baby to the ER tonight. 

He has been having major outbursts out of the clear, happy, blue sky. Screaming in pain. 

So. Very. Sad.

 I knew something was wrong, terribly wrong after he was inconsolable when he woke up from a late nap today.

 He was screaming like every piece of his body hurt. 

We got to the ER and they saw him right away, ears clear, no fever, blah blah.

 I'm worried his leg is hurt cuz it got stuck in his crib yesterday. But they messed w his legs and said no. 

They also took blood and all looks great there. 

They wanted to X-Ray his belly. So they did. 

Said he was constipated and gave him a suppository and he pooped.

I'm not convinced he was constipated because he has been pooping fine. 

Maybe gas, he has a major tooty booty. 

But I can't shake that "feeling". 

I know MY baby. 

I will be following up w his reg pediatrician at Kaiser on Monday. 

Tonight was scary. Not being able to console my baby was hard. 

  I just want him to feel better. 

Thank goodness for his chupie, books, his giggle toy and BabyFirstTV to help pass the 3 hours we were there. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014


This frog came home with us after a trip to Target last night. 

Nico never reaches for things when we go shopping and often will play with a toy while I shop and say, "Bye bye" to it when it's time to go. 

Last night when he saw this frog it was love at first sight and there was no saying "bye bye" to his new friend. 

It was pretty funny actually. 

When I said to Paul, "I don't think Nico is going to let go of this frog when it's time to leave." 

Paul just shrugged his shoulders and said, "looks like Nico has a new frog then."

Spoiled much!? 

But. This was love. So the frog got to come home. 


When we got home his frog was accidentally left in the car and Nico went to bed. 

He was soooo excited when we got in the car to run errands and his frog was still there. 

He has been hugging and kissing it as we drive around town getting things done. 

Nico even read his frog a book. Too cute. 

And now they are napping as we continue our errands. Good thing daddy is the one running in and out of all of our stops. 

One of our many stops today was the Social Security office. Nico's NEW birth certificate, with his new name and US named as his parents arrived in the mail last month.  

So. Very. Exciting.